We pride ourselves on our electrical knowledge when working with modern and old farming irrigation systems.

VSD Installations on Existing Irrigation

Variable Speed Drives are becoming increasingly common in industrial, commercial, farming and even domestic installations.

Some Electricity Networks are requiring that installations that use motors greater than xxkW have a Variable Speed Drive put in to control the motor. Have you got VSDs?

The advantage of using a drive for you is that there is greater control of the motor for the application and also that your electricity usage for that system will decrease and save you money. Over time the cost saving made in energy charges will more than pay for the cost of the Drive.

If you already have a soft start on your motors then Calect can do a cost comparison.

The way to work out what your energy saving is likely to be is to take your current energy costs for a motor and half it: VSD make that much impact. Calect can put various types of metering on your motors to arrive at accurate measurements of your present power consumption and then arrive at a good prediction of what the increased energy efficiency will be. In the past we have found that the energy efficiency of pump motors can be lifted by 30% to 50%.

As electric motors get bigger and more powerful, then the VSD needed to control it also gets bigger. Space for a VSD needs to be considered when scoping the size of pump sheds and plant rooms.

Calect has been installing and managing VSDs from all manufacturers over the last 12 years. We even have spare drives (up to 110kW) available for short periods in the event of a failure of your drive.

Prices for VSD vary enormously depending upon the size of the motor that it is to control, so contact us for indicative prices.