Heating Related

Here at Calect Electrical we offer a full range of top quality domestic electrical services to meet all of your household electrical needs.

Heat Recovery Systems

Heat recovery systems take the heat out of the air that is being expelled from your house and use it to warm the new air entering your house.

Why the need to ventilate your home?

These days as we try to be more energy conscious we build for ourselves lighter, better insulated and sometimes quite unbreathable homes.

Normal family life generates considerable moisture from such activities as cooking: 3 litres per day, showers and baths: 1.5 litres per day, body respiration and perspiration 1-2 litres per day per person etc. (BRANZ). With this level of moisture generation combined with current tight home construction, relative humidity levels (airborne moisture) increase dramatically. This causes problem condensation and produces a home that ultimately becomes harder to heat and makes insulation less effective.


To provide a cost effective solution to condensation problems Smooth-Air have designed, developed and manufactured the Dry-Matic range in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.

Dry-Matic Ventilation Systems are ideal for

  • Existing Homes
  • New Homes
  • Rental Accommodation

Heat Transfer – Heat Humper

Use the excess capacity of your heat source to warm other rooms in your home. An average size lounge requires 2-4 kW of heating, yet heating appliances such as log burners* can generate 10-20kw. That’s 5 times the amount of heat required for a lounge room. This leaves an excess of 8-16 kW of heat available to warm other rooms in your home. Air trapped at ceiling level can reach temperatures in excess of 30°C so, why not …

…hump that heat to where it’s needed!

  • Improves energy efficiency.
  • Thermostat or speed controllable.
  • Constant Air Movement reduces the risk of dampness.
  • Quiet powerful fan.
  • One, two, three or four room kits available.
  • Low power consumption (80 watt).**

* Please talk to us before using with a Heat pump.

** Applies to three room model.

Heat Humper (Heat Transfer Kit)

One Room

  • Kit Contains: in-line axial fan (150mm, FID 83 l/s), inlet grille,
  • outlet grille, insulated duct (two lengths 150mm x 3m), duct tape(3m)

Two Rooms

  • Kit Contains: in-line centrifugal fan (150mm, FID 128 l/s), inlet grille, outlet grille x2, 3-way splitter, insulated duct (four lengths 150mm x 3m), duct tape (6m)

Three Rooms

  • Kit Contains: in-line centrifugal fan (200mm, FID 210 l/s), inlet grille, outlet grille x3, 4-way splitter, insulated duct (three lengths )150mm x 3m, plus two lengths 200mm x3m), duct tape (6m)

Four Rooms

  • Kit Contains: in-line centrifugal fan (200mm, FID 210 l/s), inlet grille, four outlet grilles, 3x 3-way splitters, insulated duct (one length 200mm x 6m, two lengths 200mm x 3m, plus four lengths 150mm x 3m), duct tape (2x 6m)

In addition to the kit itself, installation of the kit and wiring it into your house needs to occur.