We pride ourselves on our electrical knowledge when working with modern and old farming irrigation systems.

Time and Flow (RM Act)

The Resource Management (Measurement and Reporting of Water Takes) Regulations 2010 recently came into force and require all water takes at or above 5 litres/sec to be metered. The new government regulations require all water takes of more than 20 litres a second to be metered within two years (2012), of more than 10 litres a second within four years (2014) and of more than 5 litres a second to be metered within six years (2016).

So metering water is an absolute requirement for many farmers.

With dataloggers or telemetry, water users need not worry about manual recording or non-compliance with regular manual recording. All records are stored or transmitted continuously and there is no onus on the water user to regularly record any data manually.

Telemetry and dataloggers were key tools to ensure water was managed efficiently and effectively in fully or over-allocated catchments, during low-surface water flow or low aquifer level conditions, or when groundwater restriction levels were reached

3 Channel Rugged GPRS Data Logger

Main Features

  • Channels: 2 x Pulse Count/0-20mA, 3 x 0-20mA
  • Communications: GPRS to website (Anywhere with GSM coverage)
  • Battery Life: Depends on battery pack and configuration. Very low power design.
  • Case: IP-67 Rated

Calect has the skills and experience to install the systems necessary for you to monitor and control your water usage.

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