We pride ourselves on our electrical knowledge when working with modern and old farming irrigation systems.

Surge Diverters for Drives

Surges of voltage to your installations occur all too frequently. Often surges are caused by electricity network instability and lightning strikes. The network instability at one point can be created through other motors or milking sheds starting and stopping.

Variable speed drives and soft starts are vulnerable to being damaged by being hit with surges of electricity. Drives and soft starts are expensive and having them fail can leave you out of pocket and out of water.

Surge protectors help to limit the impact of over voltage and frequently save equipment from failure. Such an investment brings you operational reliability and can prove invaluable when disaster strikes.

From an insurance perspective, putting in a surge protection system shows that you have recognized a potential problem and have taken steps to negate or minimize the effects of that problem. If there still is damage then your prudence increases the probability of your claim for equipment damage being accepted by an insurance company.

Weidmuller Surge Protection Devices provide peace of mind by giving the highest levels of protection.

Surges or Voltage Transients can come from many sources. Lightning being the most obvious source, but other causes of voltage transients can cause major problems for today’s sensitive electronic equipment. The mains power supply, whether underground or overhead is subjected to surges from substation switching, electrical noise from nearby industrial processes as well as lightning discharges.

Our modern working lives would be inconceivable without power supply systems, instrumentation, control equipment and IT networks. They have become matter – of – fact and realize their significance only when they break down. The potential scenarios range from a brief interruption in the work to bankruptcy. Good protection can prevent that.

Prices for surge protection systems vary depending if they are for a single or 3 phase system. Call us to find out.

If the surge protection unit is called into action then the fusible cartridge will need to be replaced to bring the surge protection unit back on line.

These devices are connected between active and earth. When a surge is present the device shunts the transient directly to earth. Each device has an inbuilt Optical Function Indicator. Green for Ok and Red for Replace. Over time, the conductive effects of many surges could require replacement of the plug-in arrester.