Power Management Tools

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Electricity Monitoring

Over the previous 10 years, NZ has experienced unprecedented electricity charge increases. The price has almost doubled. This rapid increase comes down to a few factors. The general trend in the home and business is an increase in appliances being used. Also, some appliances, e.g. stereo or TV, PC still use power while in standby mode!

The best way to control your power consumption is to be able to see the impact your household’s behavior has on power used and the cost of that power. Efergy monitors are the way to do this.

Calect can provide a few tools that can help you save money. If you struggle with controlling your power bill, we also provide an electrical auditing service, within the North Otago region.

Efergy electricity monitors are simple to install and use. The sensor wirelessly sends information about the amount of electricity you are using to the display monitor. The monitor converts this into kilowatt-hours, the standard unit which the electricity company uses to charge you. This shows how much you are using in the same units that are on your bill. Input the amount your energy company charges you for each kilowatt-hour and you can see how much you are spending in electricity instantly. Make instant changes to save money, energy and the environment.

Talk to Calect for an electricity meter that makes sense out your power usage.