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Protrack Systems

Calect Electrical are your local contracted installers of 

Livestock Improvement’s (LIC) Protrack Systems.

When you are considering a Farm Automation solution, it’s not enough to just automate what goes on in the dairy. You want to be sure that you are investing in something that will help you farm faster, smarter, better and, most importantly, more profitably.

Whether you want a simple automated drafting system or full automation within your dairy, you need to be sure that automation is delivering on its full promise.

Protrack is more than just a state-of the-art, tough, tested and proven series of automation technologies that make milking faster and easier.

Utilising all of LIC’s farm management, herd testing, mating, herd recording and herd management experience, and with links directly to MINDApro and one touch reporting, Protrack is designed to take away as many of the operational herd management tasks as we can, to let you focus on stockmanship and farm management.

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Protrack Drafter

Protrack Drafter


  • The Protrack Drafter system consists of an in-dairy rugged PC that utilises proven software and communicates directly with a durable drafting gate.
  • A reader positioned at the gate detects the animals EID tag, identifies the cow and drafts appropriately.
  • It is a very simple system to install, learn and operate.
  • Complemented by a drafting app, it is a simple stand-alone automated drafting unit.
  • The system is suitable for all shed designs and can integrate seamlessly with your on-farm practices.

To see how Protrack Drafter works watch the step by step processes here


Protrack Vantage


Protrack Vantage is suitable for Rotary systems, either new or existing.

In-Bail cow identification

Protrack Vantage
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  • Information about each cow is displayed automatically in real-time.
  • The milking staff can glance at the Protrack monitor at the ‘cups on’ or ‘cups off‘ position to know which cow they are dealing with, rather than having to look at its eartag.
  • Protrack will also provide you with an audio message to match your on-screen message, saving time and removing the need to continuously view the screen.
  • The decision to milk a cow could potentially cost you thousands of dollars if that cow is currently within an antibiotic withholding period. With Protrack, you’ll know as soon as the cow steps onto the milking platform if her milk needs to be withheld.
  • Protrack allows you to choose the information that you want to see about any of your cows in any bail. For example, the somatic cell count from her last herd test, recent reproductive history, or the groups in MINDApro she belongs to.

Click here for more information on Protract Vantage


 Protrack Vector


Protrack Vector was launched in 2004 and farmers loved it because, overnight, drafting became easier and more reliable.

After listening to those farmers for the last 8 years, the new 2013 edition has arrived.

Protrack Vector
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With Protrack Vector you get:

  • Three-way drafting gate
  • Rugged, in-dairy touch screen
  • Durable, industrial PC for the shed office
  • Information recorded in Protrack automatically updates MINDA
  • Ability to use Protrack Mobile Drafting app
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Online Protrack reports
  • Integration with walk over weighers
  • Training and back-up support from our nationwide team
  • Easy management of health treatments, calvings, heats, pregnancy testing, dry off, and live weights


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