Electrical Services

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Backing Gate Preventive Maintenance

Calect does the electrical repair work for over 50 farms. The most common failures occur with:

  • Backing Gates
  • Effluent Systems
  • Cups on and Off Controls

To minimize the failures Calect recommends that every dairy shed should join up to our preventive maintenance programme. We will check the integrity of cabling, cabling supports and glands as these are the points that most commonly feature in faults. We will be looking at:

  • Backing Gates
  • The Cable Gliding System (orange rollers)
  • Limit Switches
  • Control Buttons
  • Damage to Trailing cable
  • Security of Cable Fastenings and Terminations
  • Effluent Systems
  • Motor Plug and Socket Terminations
  • Insulation Test of Motor
  • Security of Terminations in Control Box
  • Load Test of System running
  • Cups On and Off Controls
  • Water Ingress
  • Installing heat pads to take care of moisture

All these efforts are aimed at giving you the certainty of knowing that when you press the START button everything does operate in the manner that is intended.

Any repairs required will be charged for (on a time and materials basis) if the repair work is unable to be completed within the service time allowed for the maintenance.

If you are getting the preventative maintenance programmes for both the dairy shed and the backing gates then there is a special price for both.