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Surge Protectors

With the most houses having new flatscreen TVs, computers, washing machines, audio and game stations, the value of electronic devices susceptible to even minor power surges is increasing. If your house is on the same power lines as dairy sheds and irrigation pumps then you have an increased chance of damage being caused by power surges. You need to put surge protection in place. Surge protection can be at the power point for each of the devices you are seeking to protect or it can be built into the board.

Overvoltages or surges are prevented from reaching sensitive electrical components via short circuiting, i.e. suppressing the surge before it reaches critical components. To do this we use surge an arrestors that act very quickly. They must respond during the high frequency rising phase of the over voltage, i.e. before a dangerous value has been reached, and suppress the over voltage. The response time required is in the range of nanoseconds.

Weidmuller’s Surge Protection Devices are characterised having:

  • Fast response behavior
  • High current carrying capacity
  • Low residual voltage
  • Good reactivation time

Each device has an inbuilt Optical Function Indicator. Green for OK and Red for Replace. Over time, the conductive effects of many surges could require replacement of the plug-in arrester.

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