Dairy Systems

We pride ourselves on our electrical knowledge when working with modern and old farming irrigation systems.


A backup generator is extremely useful in the event of a power outage. Generators come in a huge range of power outputs. Talk with Calect to work out what services you want on at a shed to be supported by the generator and which components would have to wait till mains power is restored. We will work out the size of generator needed for you and get some options on equipment types and how best to install the generator system.

Diesel Generators

Calect has sourced diesel generators from a variety of suppliers which of late includes Cow Power. For any application where the generator is going to run and be providing power for more than a few appliances and lights then diesel generators are superior to petrol generators

  • 6KW (6KVA) Low noise Diesel Gen-Set POA

PTO Generators

With PTO generators you will already have the motor so the generator is relatively cheap. POA

Calect recommends that the tractor horsepower should be double the kilowatt output of the PTO generator. This is to accommodate various mechanical losses in the system and to have the tractor operating economically and the conversion between horsepower and kilowatts. For example, a 130 Hp tractor is the recommended motive size for a 63Kw PTO generator.

When operating a PTO generator the Amps will vary as the rpm of PTO shafts vary. PTO speed needs to be managed so as not to overload the electrical installation. As an option Calect can offer a frequency sensitive circuit breaker so that if the tractor’s rpm should increase or decrease then the electrical installation is protected. Enquire now about the cost of these frequency sensitive circuit breakers.

Generator Cut Over Switches.

You need to have the ability to connect the generator into your electrical installation and then to swap between sourcing electricity from it or from the network and to do so without compromising the safety and operation of the electrical installation. A backup generator is a heavy paperweight if a manual cut over switch is not installed.

Calect will supply you with:

  • A flex to connect the generator into the electrical system.
  • A socket installed near the location of the generator.
  • A cut over switch to select the power source between mains power and generator power.
  • An earth rod and cable to bond the generator frame.