We pride ourselves on our electrical knowledge when working with modern and old farming irrigation systems.

Wireless Cellular Monitoring and Control Systems

There is an increasing need for you to have information about how your systems are working and being able to remote control operations.

Time and accuracy are critical components of a successful operation. Cellular monitoring devices give you wireless solution to help with your real-time monitoring and control needs. These are ideally suited to the farming sector. Calect has installed systems to monitor and control stock water, irrigation water, over voltage situations and more.

These systems are communications devices that allow wireless remote alarm monitoring and control via Vodafone and Telecom mobile networks. Its applications are almost limitless.

Should any one of these alarms trigger, specified personnel are notified immediately via SMS text message. The SMS text message is then repeated every half an hour until the alarm is acknowledged. This repeating SMS text message ensures that if the specified personnel are unable to attend to the alarm, other managers will be made aware of the situation and are able to investigate. The personnel responding to the alarm will investigate the alarm and then make a call, as to the appropriate action to be made.