Solar Power Services

Solar Energy and Electricity

Powering your home with solar energy is the most efficient energy resource, a solar power system is a green, clean, modern, while reducing unnecessary cost to your electricity bills.  

Solar Electrical

Solar power lets you enjoy efficient energy from the sun, all year along.

The solar energy that radiates off the sun can be converted into solar power that not only saves you around 90% in power bills, but also rapidly reduces your carbon footprint and increase the value of your property. It is the most effective and efficient energy resource for any home or workspace. 

Upon having a solar panel installed, many start to think about ways to efficiently use as much of their generated power as possible. Using a Hot Water Timer, you can set your hot water cylinder to heat during daylight when your solar system is creating electricity, reducing the amount of energy generating and reducing your bill.

Solar battery banks are an essential part of having solar power in your home and any off-grid system.  Choosing the right battery pack for you is highly important, you need it large enough to supply power all year long but small enough so your system is able to fully recharge itself. The Team at Calect Electrical will ensure the right fit with your Solar Power System and get the best outcome for your home. 

Choosing your solar panels is dependent on your house, house position and the number of people in the house. Installing these may feel costly, but long-term you'll save loads while increasing the value of your home. The Calect Electrical team will guide you into making the correct choice when finding the perfect solar panels.

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