We pride ourselves on our electrical knowledge when working with modern and old farming irrigation systems.


During the winters many of the irrigation pump systems are exposed to temperatures cold enough to cause damage. Calect is able to install systems to prevent this damage. The benefit is that when irrigation systems are required by you in spring, then they will operate and operate properly.

What we will do is survey your installation and put together the right package of:

Heat lamps: Often all that is needed to protect a pump shed from ice damage is to install heat lamps above vulnerable systems. A single heat lamp may only be the cost of a lamp, or it could require new cables, switches, fitting and a thermostat. A new heat lamp and wiring could cost very little!

Heat trace cable can be installed around cold water piping to ensure that pipes, joints, pumps valves do not freeze. Heat trace is installed on a per metre of tape basis plus install time and material.

Electric heat tracing systems replace the heat lost through the thermal insulation on hot water supply piping to maintain the water at desired nominal temperatures (e.g. 50°C, 60°C), preventing stagnant water in dead leg lines from cooling. It also ensures that hot water is readily available when required at fixtures.

Insulation is applied over the top of any heat trace that is installed.

New pump sheds can have heating elements installed into the concrete slab. Typically Calect installs elements at the time the reinforcing mesh is laid.

Each of these heating methods is linked to thermostats so that the heating will come on when they are supposed to.