Heating Related

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Wall Heating

The top concerns with heater safety are surface temperature and the possibility of a fire. ECONO-HEATERS® operate at a surface temperature of approx 90ºC, dependant on the ambient temperature.

This ensures that, although the electric wall heater is hot to touch, it will not burn the skin if touched. This gives parents and pet owners peace of mind when leaving the heater on while their children or pets are alone in the room.

However, if infants can get to the electric wall heater they should not be left unattended due to their limited reflex development and the possibility that they may not react and pull away when they feel the heat.


By taking the chill off the air in bedrooms and hallways, a healthier environment can be created in your home. Your entire home should feel warmer, rather than just overheated lounges and colder bedroom areas.


ECONO-HEATERS® are not designed to deliver a blast of instant heat, but rather stay on for longer periods of time to take the chill out of the air.

For example getting out of bed or opening the office on those cold mornings; or returning home after a hard day’s work. In this way, ECONO-HEATERS® are very effective.

Calect can install these heaters for you and put plug timers in place so that you get the best use of your ECONO-HEATERS®.