Heating Related

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Heat Pumps

The most cost effective means of heating a home by using electricity is with heat pumps. Calect is experienced in helping customers choose the right size and type of heat pump for your needs. We are not wedded to using particular brands of heat pump. Check out to work out the long term running costs of heat pumps.

Installing heat pumps is controlled by where you want the units to be fitted. A simple installation is where the switch board is ready to take another circuit breaker, and where the indoor unit and the outdoor unit are back to back.

Heating an entire house requires a more major installation with multiple outlets ducted into different rooms. The ducted heat pump systems can heat (or cool) two, three or four rooms using only one outdoor unit. You can choose a different style of indoor unit (hi-wall, floor console, ceiling or bulkhead) for each of the rooms to match each area and your own preferences. These also give you individual control in each of the rooms. We can visit your house and come up with a system and pricing.