We pride ourselves on our electrical knowledge when working with modern and old farming irrigation systems.

Vibration Sensors

Vibration can reduce equipment to a pile of junk in relatively short periods of time. The vibration fatigues components, decreasing their strength as well as promoting more rapid wear.

A good example of vibration is cavitation in pumps. The cavitation not only erodes the impeller but the vibration is transmitted throughout the entire pump train and will also strain bearings, housings, couplings and mounts. Cavitation will also decrease the efficiency of pumping water, so you will pay energy costs without getting the full benefits.

Get Calect to install vibration sensors at sensitive parts of your pumping system and tie the vibration sensors into the control and monitoring systems. Irrigation pumping systems can go for days without being visited by an operator. Make sure that days of damage are not being done as well.