Electrical Services

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Dairy Shed Preventive Maintenance

A preventative maintenance programme for a dairy shed includes checking and testing of the following systems.

  • Yard Wash
  • Milk Pump
  • Refrigeration System
  • Hot Water Cylinder
  • Backing gates
  • Effluent Pump
  • Platform Systems
  • Checking cables for rodent damage
  • Shed supply
  • Cleaning out rodent or bird rubbish from switchboards
  • Vat Wash Pump
  • Cooler Pump
  • Vacuum System
  • Shed GPO and Lighting
  • Wash Pump
  • Stockwater

All these efforts are aimed at giving you the certainty of knowing that when you press the START button everything does operate in the manner that is intended.

Calect will produce a written report that identifies the condition of electrical systems and also identify areas where repairs are necessary. A typical maintenance programme should be in your off season so that faults are picked up and able to be fixed.

This work is best done in conjunction with a mechanical fitter so they can check bearings and flow rates while we make equipment electrically safe.

Any repairs required will be charged for (on a time and materials basis) if the repair work is unable to be completed within the service time allowed for the maintenance.