Dairy Systems

We pride ourselves on our electrical knowledge when working with modern and old farming irrigation systems.

Glycol Heat Recovery Systems

The Milfoss iConvertor system is designed to bring milk temperatures quickly down to 40C. This is all in aid of ensuring that your shed produces high milk quality by reducing bacteria counts. These types of system have an extremely attractive by-product: namely heat. And this heat can be used to heat your shed water. Each year 24,000kWh of heat energy is wasted to the atmosphere from a typical milk chiller


Many dairy sheds consume over 126,000kWh of electrical energy, of which 32% heats water and a further 21% cools milk. At 14 cent per unit this comes to an electricity bill of  $17,600 per annum for the milking shed.

Smart dairy farmers are cutting their electrical energy costs by using heat recovery systems to simultaneously cool milk and heat water.

With all the free energy available in your shed there is the opportunity to make major operating cost savings.

Milfoss estimate that a total of 37% of the total farm dairy energy consumption is reduced by their iCONVERTER system. With the use of other variable speed and energy efficient devices installed at the dairy the overall energy footprint of the farm dairy is significantly less than traditional installations.

Whether you are milking 200 cows per day or 1,200 cows per day Milfoss has an iConvertor system for you.

Calect’s role in these situations is to work with the refrigeration engineer to decommission the old heat transfer unit and install the new heat transfer unit and modifying the control, alarm and water heating systems as required.

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